Soft Full DOOR Kit Arctic Cat PROWLER New UTV Enclosure 2 Colors

Soft Full DOOR Kit Arctic Cat PROWLER New UTV Enclosure 2 Colors
Soft Full DOOR Kit Arctic Cat PROWLER New UTV Enclosure 2 Colors
Soft Full DOOR Kit Arctic Cat PROWLER New UTV Enclosure 2 Colors
Soft Full DOOR Kit Arctic Cat PROWLER New UTV Enclosure 2 Colors
Soft Full DOOR Kit Arctic Cat PROWLER New UTV Enclosure 2 Colors
Soft Full DOOR Kit Arctic Cat PROWLER New UTV Enclosure 2 Colors
Soft Full DOOR Kit Arctic Cat PROWLER New UTV Enclosure 2 Colors
Soft Full DOOR Kit Arctic Cat PROWLER New UTV Enclosure 2 Colors
Soft Full DOOR Kit Arctic Cat PROWLER New UTV Enclosure 2 Colors
Soft Full DOOR Kit Arctic Cat PROWLER New UTV Enclosure 2 Colors
Soft Full DOOR Kit Arctic Cat PROWLER New UTV Enclosure 2 Colors
Soft Full DOOR Kit Arctic Cat PROWLER New UTV Enclosure 2 Colors

Soft Full DOOR Kit Arctic Cat PROWLER New UTV Enclosure 2 Colors

IMPORTANT: To guarantee the correct item is sent for there are many Prowler styles plus Mfg switches things up year to year and mid year, please provide the following with your order. Are your ROPS or roll bars ROUND or RECTANGULAR? If rectangular, we need outside dimension around tube (such as; 2" x 4").

Please provide 13 digit mfg model # (not the VIN #). Usually on frame and sometimes on bill of sale, title or registration. If not certain, please send a photo directly to us of your UTV; a full view from side and full view from front so we can view. Please be sure to ask any questions prior to ordering (we attempt to describe in detail but if we missed anything or you wish clarification, please feel free & be sure to ask us prior to ordering). There are many details, so please read full listing before ordering. Please read the entire listing details before ordering and ask any additional questions. HDX 700 XT eps, HDX 500 XT. HDX 500 XT, HDX 700 XT, HDX 700 XT SE, HDX 700 Spec Ed. 500 HDX, 700 HDX XT, HDX 700 XT eps. 700 HDX Limited, 500 HDX Limited, 500 HDX XT, 500 HDX. Model Years 2011 + for the 700 HDX XT. Model Years 2015 + for the 500 HDX XT. NOTE: We've had some models during the year 2010 fit. If your UTV has rectangular /tubular shaped ROPS, we will need to know the outside dimension. NOTE: Designed to fit the 2012 HDX 700 XT models, however, it can fit some other models too depending on the year. Refer to FITS Model / Year summary above.

1 Pair of Soft FULL DOORS (Right & Left). Does NOT include Windhsield, Top, or Rear.

You can add one piece at a time until you have created a full cab. Benefits - you don't have to put out the cost of a full enclosure today to have full coverage in the future. You don't have to sell or discard your Top or Rear today because you want to add Doors now. This enclosure for is Truly Modular.

You can build up to a full enclosure as your budget allows. When the weather turns colder in the fall you can add a Door Kit and a Rear Window panel to create your full enclosure. In reverse, any piece can be removed individually for different weather conditions during the year. They do not have any hard or rigid frame work (not hard doors).

The Doors attach to the roll bar / frame / body with included adhesive heavy duty industrial Velcro for a secure, tight fit. The Enclosure has Velcro sewn on and the Roll Bar/Frame/Body will have Adhesive Hook & Loop. You may have to release your hard top and/or hard windshield to initially install these doors. The Doors open and close using an industrial heavy duty zipper. The zipper goes up the front door frame from bottom to top and then across the top (no zipper across the bottom).

Bottom of the door is secured with Velcro. For those warmer months, the Doors can be unzipped open, be rolled back and secured in the open position with the Hook & Loop tabs sewn into the enclosure.

One-half of the Hook & Loop is sewn into the door and the other half is on a Hook & Loop tab or strip. With this option, your doors could stay on your UTV all year around. Proudly Made in the USA. COLOR - Choice of 2 Standard Colors. Onyx Black or Mossy Oak Break-Up.

(Note; even though National Guard Woodland still shown on photo, it is no longer available). This Enclosure is MADE TO ORDER FOR YOU! Our busy season is September-December.

Absolutely Top of the Line Product. OUR Seven (7) Day SATISFACTION GUARANTEED POLICY. We offer a Seven (7) Day INSPECTION Period from the date of receipt. This Arctic Cat PROWLER HDX700xt package includes our Soft FULL DOOR Kit for great protection from mud and stones. FULL DOOR Kit uses the finest professional grade marine fabric made of 100% polyester with stay-true long lasting colors with stabilized fit of less than 1% stretch or shrinkage.

Our marine fabric is water repellent, tear resistant, puncture resistant, mildew and UV resistant. It adheres to the roll cage and body with heavy duty YKK hook & loop Velcro.

Ses marine sewing thread made from selected high tenacity, heat resistant, continuous multi-filament polyester yarns. Along with the highest quality materials, all. Enclosures are hand measured and handcrafted to ensure a precise fit.

Soft FULL DOOR Kit provides protections at an affordable price. The package comes complete with self-adhesive Hook & Loop, installation and care instructions. Everything is included in the package for easy installation. They attach to the roll bar / frame with heavy duty Velcro.

They unzip, roll back and secure in the open position with the Hook & Loop tabs included. We can send you a copy of the installation instructions to review if desired.

These are not hard doors and they do not have a hard framework. Our enclosures are attached to the roll bars, frame members, and/or body at various points using Hook & Loop with self adhesive backing (placement will be different for each make/model).

These Hook & Loop strips are applied to the various attachment points (roll bar, frame, and/or body) and will remain there if you decide to remove the enclosure during the warmer months. Most owners elect to leave the enclosures on during the warmer months and if they include doors, they run with them secured in the open position. Some owners remove the enclosure completely and elect to leave the Hook & Loop attached to the UTV for easy attachment the next winter. However, we have a small group who remove the Hook & Loop from the roll bars, frame, and/or body completely when they remove the enclosure during the warmer months. The Hook & Loop can be removed and the surface cleaned with a remover like Goof-Off.

For these individuals, we sell a replacement adhesive Hook & Loop kit. This enclosure is BRAND NEW. Made to Order for You! This enclosure is Made to Order for You! The availability shown behind the price reflects our raw materials available to make up this enclosure at this time, not the number completed and in-stock.

Standard Colors: Black or Mossy Oak Break-Up. Marine canvas, 600 Denier TOP GUN brand, acrylic-coated100% polyester, is water repellent, tear resistant, puncture resistant, mildew & UV resistant with less than 1% stretch or shrinkage. CAMO patterns are a heavy duty 1000 Denier CORDURA nylon rugged fabric made from Invista's acclaimed, patented high performance polymer, designed for superior strength & abrasion resistance, coated Polyurethane on one side for water resistance.

Plus, Mossy Oak Camo which is a 600 Deiner 100% Polyester material manufactured with a 2 pass Polyurethane Coating for water resistance. Custom colors available by special order an addl.

OTHER OPTIONS AVAILABLE but not included in this listing. We have OPTION 1 available to add zippers to the. Two Door vinyl windows so they can open.

This covers both doors on a side by side UTV. If you are looking for a quality enclosure for your UTV, look no further. TOP OF THE LINE ENCLOSURE. This enclosure isn't your run of the mill, inexpensively made enclosure from.

Pacific Eagle Enclosures are proudly made in the. Using only the highest grade and time proven materials.

The material withstands being stretched over a boat for years on end enduring the buffeting wind, blowing rain, and harsh sun. This marine canvas fabric is the Top Gun brand. It is a durable, high count woven polyester that is coated on both sides with a specially formulated polymeric coating that will not harden, crack or peel after outdoor exposure or extreme temperatures.

The coating adds UV, Mildew & Water Resistance but can still breath so it will not trap excess moisture. The stitching is a continuous multi-filament polyester yarn. Google it and you will find out just how durable this material is. Its stretch-ability is limited to 1% and this helps it to retain the nice tight fit you would expect from a high quality enclosure. Please check out the pictures.

We show you close up shots that others shy away from. Even though this package does not include a lexan windshield, we discuss these features so you can get a feel of our quality of materials and workmanship used on all our enclosures.

You can see the large industrial sized zippers and the clarity of view through your Lexan windshield & the heavy Vinyl windows used on the doors / rear window panel & more. Take a close look at the windows on others, they can look pretty crinkled. When you initially take the few extra minutes to install the enclosure properly, you will love the tight fit that makes it stand out among others.

The Lexan Windshield is made of 1/4" Lexan which is much stronger than the 3/16" versions that will bow at high speeds with fast sport UTV's. We also use quick connect clamps with our Lexan screens. These make installation a BREEZE! After the clamps are on your roll bar, you never have to remove them to take your windshield off. Just loosen the knob bolts to remove the Windshield.

You are getting the best of both worlds here. Our Lexan Windshields includes a 2 strip of rubber edging along the bottom and both sides. This edging protects the Windshield from hitting the rollbar when running hard and the rubber edging stops that cold. Even though one person can do it, two people are recommended to take advantage of its ability to fit tight. The long, heavy 2 wide strips of hook & loop fasteners (Velcro) hold the enclosure tight in place. This kit comes with full instructions. A full hand tailored, custom fitting, absolutely top of the line enclosure. You won't be disappointed. Photo 1-6 : Arctic Cat PROWLER with the Soft FULL DOOR Kit Enclosure installed. Photo 7-11 : Show our quality of materials and our quality of workmanship. Photos s how a vinyl window and a zipper used in the doors. Photo 12 : Shows our standard colors available. ONLY Black and MossyOak BreakUp available. Made to Highest Standards Hand Tailored for Precision Fit. Using Top of Line, Heavy Duty Marine Grade Materials. Stay True long lasting colors. Water Resistant / Mildew Resistant / UV Resistant / Tear & Puncture Resistant. Stretch & Shrinkage less than 1%. Large Industrial, Easy-To-Use YKK Zippers used for unmatched Crosswise Strength in the Industry. YKK Zippers work in extreme temperatures down to 50 degrees below zero.

30 gauge Aqua View Vinyl Windows- rear & doors. All Lexan Windshields use Quick Connect Clamps for easy removal & installation. Lexan Windshield NOT included in this package...

Refer to other styles if feature desired. Doors Unzip & Roll back to be secured safely open with Velcro. Easy To Install; Includes Self-Adhesive Velcro and Installation & Care Instructions.

Velcro rated from 0 to 120 degrees F. ADDITIONAL OPTIONS AVAILABLE but NOT Included in this Listing. 1 Zippers in Vinyl Door Windows allowing them to open for an addl. Be sure to view our other enclosure styles..... We have enclosures for most.

If your UTV is modified from the stock/standard mfg. Please be sure to specify the YEAR, MAKE & MODEL of your unit and your choice of enclosure COLOR.

FOR THESE MAKES & MODELS. John Deere Gator HPX XUV Cabs, Joyner Renegade Cab, Joyner Trooper Cab, Kawasaki Mule 600/610 Cab, Kawasaki 3000/3010, Kawasaki 3000/3010. TRANS Cab, Kawasaki 4000/4010 Cab, Kawasaki 4000/4010. TRANS Cab, Kawasaki Teryx Cab, Kubota Cab, Polaris Ranger Cab, Polaris RZR Cab, Polaris Ranger Crew Cab, Yamaha Rhino Cab. Full Cab Enclosures w/ Lexan WS. Full Cab Enclosures w/ Vinyl WS. Summer Cab Enclosures w/ Lexan WS. Mini Cab Enclosures w/ Vinyl WS. Top & Rear Window Only (For your WS). Lexan Windshields w/ Quick Connect Clamps. Door & Rear Window Only (For your Top & WS). Thank you for your kind understanding of our policy! The photographs are of the actual item(s) for sale (not pasted or copied from elsewhere) unless stated in the listing as a Stock Photo. We attempt to check our emails on a regular basis, however, please allow 24 to 48 hours for a reply. We do not watch our e-mails 24 hours / 7 days per week. Any discrepancies from the listing must be reported to us within 24-48 hours of receipt of package. Please inspect goods upon receipt. 1- We will leave Feedback for all Buyers after they receive & inspect the merchandise and leave us feedback.

We have implemented this policy to encourage Buyers to leave feedback (sadly, many buyers never get around to leaving feedback). 1- We will consider all REASONABLE Offers. 2- For your consideration when submitting an offer to us, we do not consider a discount of 50% or more off the listed price as Reasonable. If the listing states we accept a return, the listing will state the time frame and any other requirements involved with a return. We can only offer MEDIA.

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Soft Full DOOR Kit Arctic Cat PROWLER New UTV Enclosure 2 Colors